Beyonce and Jay Z are on holiday in Capri with Blue Ivy. Kelly Rowland and her son have also joined them. A lot of people have joined them. There’s currently a tabloid report going around that B’s decided to divorce Jay. The magazine must not have been privy to B’s travel plans. Because, obviously, a separation is clearly not what’s happening here.

As you know, because it’s the only thing we talk about where Beyonce’s concerned lately, Beyonce doesn’t talk anymore. Beyonce’s intentional silence isn’t just limited to Beyonce though. She can’t achieve full mystery unless she shuts down any possibility of talk coming from within her circle. I find it very hard to believe then that there are any reliable “sources” on Beyonce right now. You remember when the album dropped with no leaks and no leads? Several of the artists who collaborated on those tracks didn’t even know that she was doing it. And that was before the elevator incident. Since then, since she had to release a statement telling us that Solange and Jay said sorry to each other, which, God, can you imagine?, must have almost killed the always controlled, always vigilant Beyonce, there’s no doubt she’s even more vaulted in her approach to her brand.

So…what does that look like in practice? Check out all these people with them on this trip. Do they all have to sign NDAs? Do they all surrender their phones? Are B and Jay the only people allowed to use cameras? In exchange, do the Carters pay for everything?