Beyonce and JayZ’s On The Run tour ended in Paris this weekend. A month ago, according to US Weekly and Page Six, that would also represent the end of their personal relationship. Supposedly B was already making moves to divorce. But all this gossip only came out of the elevator incident. Before that, it all seemed fine.

The question I’ve been asking is whether or not you believe that Beyonce would want them to be right. She doesn’t like it when people claim to know her business. She’d go out of her way to prove that no one knows her business. No one knew sh-t when she dropped a new album, and a video to go with every single new song. And she glorified herself in that. She reveled in the fact that she was able to pull that off.

So if she’s pregnant again, while everyone was speculating about the demise of her marriage, wouldn’t she revel in that too?

During the song Beach Is Better, Jay changed the lyrics on Friday night from “I replace it with another one” to “pregnant with another one”.

And now we’re not talking about a breakup. Now we’re talking about a baby.

Was this the Blueprint all along?

Whatever it is, it feels like a game. All of this lyric-changing, all of these cryptic messages, she sings about being cheated on, he raps about being pregnant…

They’re sitting around eating caviar, on a billion dollar yacht, playing this game. And releasing short films.

Bang Bang is Part 1. And if you’ve been to the tour, you’ll recognise this footage – they played these videos on the screens during the show. Now I guess they’re cutting it all together to further sell us on the idea that the Carters are Bonnie & Clyde, outlaws from…what, exactly?

Director Dikayl Rimmasch explains:

"In my first conversation on the telephone with Jay Z, he explained his concept of On the Run. He said, 'We're not trying to do this literally, it's not that we're Bonnie and Clyde. We're on the run from everything, on the run from becoming a cliché, on the run from doing the same thing again.' Everything he mentioned was a level of consciousness he has for staying alive as an entertainer and as a human being. He wanted to keep it more abstract because for him it was very abstract."

Everyone’s a Franco now.

Attached – the Carters out in Paris this weekend.