Shaking hands and kissing babies...that’s how they do when they’re running for president, right?

Beysus doesn’t want to be president though. Beysus, like Oprah, would rather be God. She was shooting a video yesterday at Coney Island. Look at it. That must have been the worst day for her security, managing her safety without pissing off the crowd. B seems pretty relaxed though, and happily engaged with the fans, even agreeing to bless someone’s baby in her arms.

Then there was a dance-off. If you told me I’d be locked in a room forced to watch videos of Beyonce dancing all day I would consider it one of the best days of my life. Look at that little head-cock she does. As Sasha just wrote me: “If you can do such little movement and emanate that much rad, you know how to f-cking dance. She’s our goal for life.” Did I mention Sasha and I are starting a dance crew?


You laugh now but when our hair is blowing in the wind machine and we’re (not exactly) head-cocking like that, it won’t matter that you think we’re fools. Speaking of hair…

B’s changed it again. We’re back to a bob with Olsen twin kinky waves.