Could have gone with several titles for this article. Choices:

The Blue Ivy Carter’s first Christmas

Gwyneth’s Beyhive NYE

And on.

How about the pure, undiluted vanity of posting photos of yourself trying on expensive clothes? It’s Beyonce being one with the people...only her bodyguard’s also holding the bounce, so the light hits her face in exactly the right away. This is just one of the reasons why Beyonce’s Tumblr is so wonderful. Look! New pictures!

I heard she was on a Vogue cover shoot this week. March issue, maybe? March would drop in February, around the time of the Super Bowl and her HBO special.

But WHERE is she when she gives us all this closet porn???

So will the Blue Ivy Carter celebrate her first Christmas on a yacht in the Mediterranean? She’s already been there. Whatever the travel plans, if any, for sure she’ll be in New York to end the year and bring in the new one as Jay-Z’s headlining at the Barclays Centre with Coldplay on December 31.

Beyonce and Gwyneth, together on New Year’s Eve.

Don’t lie. You want to know how that works. Will they get ready together? Will they be drunk while they’re getting their makeup done? Will they glance at each other knowingly and try not to laugh when someone brings up Madonna? Will Gwyneth bring over a dip?