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It: No thank you

Sarah Posted by Sarah at May 9, 2019 19:19:37 May 9, 2019 19:19:37
YouTube/ Warner Bros. Pictures

It was a surprise monster hit in 2017—it’s the highest-grossing horror film ever—and a sequel was immediately greenlit for 2019. Well, the teaser trailer for that sequel, It: Chapter 2, is here and all I have to say is: No thank you. All full up on horror over here. I’m good. Watch this teaser right now, and then come back and let’s talk about why it’s so good. Full Story

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TIFF Review: Assassination Nation

Sarah Posted by Sarah at September 12, 2018 19:22:33 September 12, 2018 19:22:33
GP Images/ Rodin Eckenroth/ Isaiah Trickey/ Getty Images

Sam Levinson’s bonkers satire, Assassination Nation, stumbles into interesting, as is happening lately, by almost having something to say about Trump’s America. Movies take too long to make for it to really be about that, but Assassination Nation winds up there all the same, a festival of violence and furious, frustrated American rage. Full Story

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Hot Pennywise at Comic-Con

Sarah Posted by Sarah at July 20, 2018 15:19:34 July 20, 2018 15:19:34
Kevin Winter/ Albert L Ortega/ Getty Images

Bill Skarsgard, aka Hot Pennywise, brought his particular brand of creepy-hot to Comic-Con yesterday to promote Assassination Nation. Here he is, tall and handsome, not dressed like a murdering demon clown, with those ludicrous cheekbones everywhere. Full Story

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Bill Skarsgård and a bunch of kids in It

Sarah Posted by Sarah at September 8, 2017 13:49:13 September 8, 2017 13:49:13
Wenn, Jason LaVeris/ Getty Images

It lets you know what kind of movie it is right off the bat, when Pennywise the Clown (Bill Skarsgård) bites the arm off a little kid before yanking him into a sewer. The kid in question is Georgie, with his iconic yellow raincoat, and his disappearance begins a year-long reign of terror in the sleepy Maine town of Derry. Full Story

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