Am very fond of the word “dull”. Reminds me of my mother.

One day last year in Toronto, my parents picked us up at the station. We were in the back seat. My husband asked her something trivial – like how her opera class went or something.

Her answer, always animated: Is dow! Is dow! So dow!

Jacek looked at me like, ok whatever, did she forget I don’t speak Chinese?

When he wasn’t responding to her, she turned around in her seat and kept shouting it at him:

So dow! Ah so dow!

I was, at this point, killing myself and very unhelpful. He was still flummoxed, and becoming frightened, trying to remember if I’d taught him what “dow” means in Cantonese, freaking out inside because she kept spraying him with it:

It’s dow! So dow! Dow!

And of course what she was trying to tell him was that her opera lesson was very DULL. Only they have problems with the double “L”, you see?

Anyway, speaking of DULL, last night in New York, 3 sisters from the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants came together for dinner. Amber Tamblyn, Alexis Bledel, and Blake Lively hooked up without America who is working on a film in LA. The girls however were joined by Blake’s boring boyfriend Badgley who thinks growing a beard will help with the fact that his features are too small for his face. Like shading. An interesting technique…although it doesn’t make him any less dull.

As for Alexis, because I love her, she has a new movie coming out later this summer called Post Grad with… Zach Gilford! Saracen! Generic, formulaic, but looks sweet, and why IS it so hard to find a job after university? I moved back home too. And eventually worked at a call centre.

Something for August.

Photos from ANT GRIFFITH/