These shots were taken on June 3, 2011 in fair Verona, where we lay our scene.

Jesus Christ, Leo, ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS?????????????????????

So here they are, Blake Lively substituting herself in place of Claire Danes I guess, just 2 days after her “not her” nude photos were leaked online, seeming to enjoy herself immensely in the company of her new boyfriend, one of the most successful actors in the business. And why not? Let’s play Photo Assumption on these images. I’m sorry if I disappoint you. Because the way I see it, he’s really into her. Like a lot.

I mean, the obviousness of the Bard’s location aside, look how he’s playfully posing for her picture, how he’s an actual participant, as opposed to a sullen little bitch, in whatever it is they’re doing. Look at his face when they’re in the church. The one where he’s leaning away, a little flirty, and she’s looking back at him, a little flirty...

That’s cute.

I do NOT want to be saying that but it’s SUPER cute.

You know how cute that is? It’s so cute that all of a sudden, her nudie pics are a LOT less interesting to me.

O, I am fortune's fool!

How did she DO that???

Someone asked during the liveblog yesterday whether or not this was Game. Is it Game? Blake has Game???

I’m starting to believe she might.

Because she’s not only taken the focus away from her bare tits, she’s also managed to convince a notoriously private and borderline eccentric major A lister to go along with it... because he’s fallen for her?

What are the other explanations?

Only two, right?

For Leonardo DiCaprio who HATES public anything to be agreeing to pap shots in VERONA, ITALY of all places, you know some serious sh-t is happening here.

Either he has to bury a major bomb of his own, or he is really, really into her. And, um, I think I might choose the buffet option that he’s really, really into her. You? It’s actually Good for Gossip whatever you decide. On one hand you have a big secret, on the other you have a very clever Blake, with skills we didn’t previously appreciate, who somehow has been able to mesmerise a modeliser, and convince him to change his ways...?

Nay, if our wits run the wild-goose chase, I am done; for
thou hast more of the wild goose in one of thy wits than, I am
sure, I have in my whole five.

Again, how did she DO that?

Photos from INF