There is good and bad in this article. Let’s start with the good. Or funny. Depends how you see it.

Thanks to Stephanie S for alerting me to this – it’s Roger Friedman’s piece today about the Blue Valentine premiere. Roger Friedman is a press person Someone on the circuit. He’s been doing this for a long time. He has the balls to say what he means. He has cut down Julia Roberts (click here for a refresher) and the Xenu. And while I don’t always agree with his opinions, at the very least he has some. And more and more it feels like opinions are being outlawed.

I met Roger at Cannes this year, and we talked some at TIFF later on. He’s invited everywhere and everyone knows him. At the Rabbit Hole afterparty in Toronto, Nicole Kidman saw him and called to him by name, beckoned him over to where she was holding court. So, Roger knows.

But not Blake Lively.

Like, I love him so much for this. He was tired ok!?

Bad news – Blake was sitting with Ryan at the dinner following the screening. Remember? From this earlier post? She left Karl Lagerfeld in Paris to return to be by Ryan’s side.

What did Roger do?

Let him tell you in his own words:

At dinner at the Standard Grill, I asked the blonde sitting with Gosling and another couple what she did for a living. Everyone started throwing things at me. “That’s Blake Lively,” they all yelled in unison. They were so right, and I was so amiss. For the record, Blake was excellent in “The Town.” I will write it 100 times on a blackboard!

The blonde.

Amazing, right?

Click here for Roger’s full article.

Yeah so anyway, Blake and Ryan were more than just a hug and a handshake and a “you did great” situation last night. They were together for dinner. And then... probably after dinner too. For her sake I hope so. I hope she didn’t leave KL for no After Dinner.

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