Shark Week begins on Discovery next Sunday, June 26th. It’s one of the network’s biggest events, if not the biggest event. Blake Lively’s The Shallows opens just in time for Shark Week, on Friday. And she’s out in New York on promotion today, photographed this morning at The Today Show. The Shallows, as you know, is about surfer Blake fighting a shark. And more clips from the movie have been made available ahead of its release. Here’s a new one about how Blake gets to the secret beach where the shark is waiting for her:

Did that bother you? When she says “bummer”? On its own, probably not. But the reason it bothers me is that we’ve already seen a clip from another part of the movie that implies that the two locals are skeeves who are trying to skeeve on wholesome blonde Blake. It’s a weird tone.

But whatever, that’s not what we’re supposed to pay attention to. The Shallows has one star, her name is Blake Lively, she is pregnant and pretty and glowing and told Savannah Guthrie that she and her husband are “officially breeders”:

PS. With the heels and the sparkles, do you find this outfit a little extra for morning television?