Coinciding with the launch of Preserve, the Blake Lively Lifestyle, VOGUE has featured her in the latest installment of 73 Questions. It’s a continuous shot and, obviously, the questions were submitted in advance. So what’s interesting is that these people have time, maybe too much time, to consider how they answer, because ostensibly they want their answers to impress you.

Do Blake’s answers impress you?

I’ll say this: she lost me as soon as she said that she identifies more with “all the men” in Sex & The City than she does the four women. I just eye-rolled and snorted at the same time.

Then, near the end, when she’s asked what movie she’s laughed the hardest through, you know what she says? Shawshank Redemption.

Now THAT is a gold medal in Try.

Guess what’s in the oven?

Cupcakes, of course!

Because Blake bakes!

And she starts icing that sh-t after she takes off her shoes without washing her hands.

And there’s not even one scuff on the soles of those Louboutins.

And these were maybe the most boring 5 minutes VOGUE has ever produced.