If you’ve been reading long enough, you know my feelings on Marchesa. I have hated Marchesa...forever. Like years. Some of my very fashionable friends, including Sasha, don’t understand this. They think Marchesa is the sh-t. I mean, sure, once in a while, once a year, someone might wear something Marchesa and it’ll be an anomaly but for the most part, Marchesa, to me, is tacky and gross, clothing for figure skaters who grew up to dance in Vegas.

And on that note, here’s Blake Lively at the Gossip Girl 100th episode party in New York on Saturday night wearing Marchesa. The definitive Marchesa. A dress that is totally indefensible. A dress that even Gisele Bundchen could do nothing with. A dress I have a hard time believing Blake, yes, even her, actually, seriously, picked for herself. So I’m wondering if there was a screenplay and an audition attached to it. That would be the only explanation.