Breaking up, huh? Telling Angie he still loves Jen, huh?


Please. Look at this woman. Next to Angelina Jolie, there is no other. And any suggestion of Brad Pitt pining for Jennifer Aniston after being blessed with the opportunity not only to be Jolie"s acknowledged lover, but to have had the privilege of populating her womb is absolutely f&cking ludicrous. Life & Style Weekly my Chinese ass.

So here are the Pitts, surprise attendees at an art exhibit the other night, a not too subtle rebuttal to the rumours: there is no split, there is no rift, and is this the most beautiful farking couple you"ve ever laid eyes on or what??? Her in particular, especially during the video when she"s smiling and at ease. Damn… like I said before, I’m not made for muff, but I swear for her - I"d switch any time, any day.

Anyway, back to the gossip and those amateur reports that the end is near - as you can see from their deliberate display of togetherness, the Pitts dictate their own leaks and when they want you to know what they want you know, they"ll do it on their own terms.

UPDATE: EXCLUSIVE from a lovely, lovely reader who was there, at the gallery, an eyewitness account of the Pitts:

I spoke to her... I TOUCHED her. I am beyond pleased to say that she actually IS more beautiful in person, and is an astonishingly lovely person. Polite, friendly, very un-Hollywood. The best part?... She and Brad looked completely infatuated with each other (and not in a staged-Hollywood-we-have-to-look-good-for-the-cameras kind of way). Genuine smiles, both of them never more than an arms length from each other.

More details to follow as the source was rushed, will continue to update as I know...

UPDATE #2: sorry for the delay. Wedding this weekend, you know how it is...

So without further ado, more details from our deliciously detailed eyewitness. (Girl - you know I owe you. Name your price!) I won"t edit her comments...enjoy:

Scandal of the evening..... Although Brad and Angelina were there, we didn"t know SHE was there until later. Brad entered solo (which was impressive enough), and spent a good 1/2 hour bonding with all of his boys. Matt Damon, George Clooney and Scott Caan were all stuck to his side. I loved how much they cracked each other up. Why was Angelina lingering behind (and by lingering behind I mean SITTING IN THEIR CAR OUT BACK.... waiting.)? Her father Jon Voight had arrived at the party mere-minutes before the beautiful pair, and once she heared about his attendance, she REFUSED to enter until he had left. I believe Mr. Voight caught wind of the situation, as he seemed to excuse himself from the event earlier than anyone had expected him too (although he was very polite about it). Within a minute of his exit, Brad went out to the car to retrieve his lovely lady, who entered the art-showing all smiles. I guess the feud with daddy isn"t anywhere near reconciliation.

Once inside together they socialized and were generally friendly with everyone. After making their way around the "gallery" they headed over to the bar-area where they stayed until their exit. They stood side-by-side, but usually talking to different people.... BUT.... I definitely saw HAND HOLDING and at one point he had his ARM DRAPED OVER HER SHOULDER!! Huge news for all those like me looking for a little love in Brangelina land. It was bliss.

Overall impression of some of the celebrities who were there...

Brad Pitt - Beautiful beautiful man. Killer smile. Smaller than I expected (stature-wise). He drew loads of attention, and you could tell he loved it.

Angelina Jolie - a friggin" goddess.... no wonder I adore this woman. I was a breath away from asking her to adopt ME!

George Clooney - Much more sexy in person. His personality plays a BIG role in how attractive he is. He was incredibly social.

Matt Damon - hmmmm... quirky? Again, smaller than I had expected, and a little odd. Friendly, amazing laugh, but he seemed a little like he didn"t know what to do with himself.

Bruce Willis - Arrived LOADED, and became increasingly drunk throughout the night. He was a very funny, charming drunk though. He was the one celebrity who stayed until the bitter-end, and single-handedly hit on EVERY woman in the room. Hilarious.

James Caan - A truly proud pappa and enjoyable man. Very distinguished and incredibly well spoken. He was there to support his son, and didn"t hold back talking about Scott"s work and up-and-coming projects. Super adorable.

Scott Caan - The party was for him and his photographs and he was VERY thankful for the opportunity. I didn"t get to socialize with him much as others requested his attention, but he was a very pleasant person.

Kimberly Stewart - who the F-ck cares! She was there, she was skinny, she was blond.... next please.

Our spy also goes on to say that at one point, Angelina was so sweet to she stopped her to compliment her dress. Swooning obviously followed.

Photos to follow when they become available.

Photos from and and click herefor the video.