A few days ago, there was a rumour, now debunked, that Jennifer Aniston was to endorse Nike for a new campaign, with her earnings being directed towards cancer research. Shortly thereafter, new photos of her surfaced - she really has the best hair, doesn"t she? - seen leaving a recording studio, prompting many to assume that she was doing voice work for the ads. Now that the report has been denied, people are wondering…what exactly is she recording? Could Jen be pulling a Gwyneth and givin" her pipes a go? Hmmm…much as I try, I really don"t give a sh*t. What I do give a sh*t about is the Family. And the Family is back on philanthropy, showing up in New Orleans today, the couple in tact, the kids (minus Shiloh, said to be at the hotel) along for the ride, to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The photos are forthcoming, the magazines are trying to lock them up right now, but you can have a glance by clicking on this link. As you can see, Angelina looks gorgeous. My favourite though is the one where Brad appears to be packing up Madd"s books. LOVE. You"ll also note that a few rarely seen Clooney pics are the at the bottom of the page. After all the Brad/Angie/Jon Voight hoopla from that gallery event last week, seems George was a tad overlooked. And shame too! Holy quiveration loin mashing nation! Photos from https://www.angelinaweb.org/index.php