No wedding but definitely a return to Paris where Brad (from JJB) was snapped having a ciggie by the window, taking a break perhaps from little Z and the adorable but undeniably bratty Maddox. I can totally relate. Don’t have kids myself but I do have 2 nephews and a niece – all under the age of 7 – and just an hour with them is enough to make me want to set my eggs on fire. Now before you ask – no, I’m not going to sh*t on him from not being able to quit smoking. I’m in love with the motherf*ckers myself so who am I to tell the man that he should stop? It’s a sick, sick obsession. But taking that drag after a long day, with a glass of wine by your side and a soft breeze on the deck is sometimes the delight of my life. Too bad they’ve been forbidden from my house for good. Sigh. I really need to hook up with Joaquin Phoenix. So anyway, back to the much talked about wedding that never happened. Now that that’s over with for the time being, my sources are still insisting that the two will end up in Africa to deliver once they complete their 40 day requirement for marriage in France. And since Angie really shouldn’t be traveling after her 7th month, chances are they plan to head to the birthplace of their love and of their Zahara very, very soon. It would be romantic, non? Romantic and also so significant for us all. Almost a year after beach photos confirmed their relationship, Brad and Angelina will return to the African homeland to welcome our saviour. A child to pierce through the evil machinations of a couch jumping lunatic and his lobotomized servant. A ray of hope to cure the desolation, an antidote for the madness, a babe swaddled in the love of Hollywood’s Aphrodite and her virile Adonis. Our very own Luke Pitt to the Cruise Darth Cruise So how do you think Tom is going to feel when his MI:3 opening weekend splash gets completely usurped by the coronation of Baby Brangelina? Doesn’t the Goddess work in mysterious ways?