More loin quivering madness from the set of Oceans 13. Like art, isn"t it? And something else too. Something so elegantly old Hollywood about George Clooney, perhaps more so when George Clooney hangs with Brad Pitt, reminiscent of the classic old boys" club, even before the Rat Pack and Sinatra"s signature cool, even before the heady Vegas evenings, back in halycon Hollywood when the right to celebrity had to be earned. And it"s more than the looks, it"s more than the undeniable double dose of gorgessity and the aesthetic pleasure of seeing them together (I particularly like the one where G is sneaking a sideways peek - fuels my 3 way fantasies, you know?) but rather an intangible cool - the easy way their bodies drape over the furniture, the relaxed chill of their friendship, a lazy acknowledgement of the other"s company that belies an intimacy only the most connected friends can have, without having to take their shirts off and practise yoga on the beach. It"s a rarefied vibe only the select few can give off and why we so want to be included - for private conversations infinitely more interesting than ours, because whatever makes them laugh must be the funniest thing that ever made anyone laugh, with secrets more mysterious and more intricate than our darkest untold truths, and of course because their private club is the only one worth joining, the same club the classics used to share. As in Cooper, as in Gable, and Jimmy Stewart too. Oh and one more thing… Tom Cruise not allowed. Thanks to Lori for the inspiration and photos from PS. You"ll note Brad is smoking, an automatic cue for the break up mongers to buzz about a split. As I told you the other day, the Pitts are not leaking to anyone right now. Anyone. Which doesn"t necessarily mean that things are hunky dory but it also means anything you"ve been reading is also far, far, far from reliable. What we do know is that one house is almost ready while the other likely had to be vacated for construction purposes, harmful chemicals or treatments, necessitating a temporary hotel stay. We also know that Angelina is flying again, as seen from these recent shots, and that she"s not as deathly thin as the rags have suggested - from all the stress and the babies, right? Rubbish y"all. Remember, the man is the self proclaimed Zen Master of all Media. And it"s his silence and current reluctance to play that"s driving the tabloids to insanity, savvy? PPS. See her bag? That"s my bag!!! That"s my beloved!