He is quite obviously the more stylish of the two. This is a man who cares about clothes, who cares about every detail…even his socks. More on that later.

Brad and Angelina on the carpet at the Deauville Film Festival – his suit is spectacular, hers…not so much, though I suppose she doesn’t need much to dress to dress up her face. Also looks like she got her hair cut. You likey? It’s a little MiniVan-ish, non?

Apparently Angie played perfect partner while getting her ass fondled – deferring to her man on the press line, demurely holding his hand and walking behind him from car to carpet to venue. Am also told they were a bit late off the get and that they were giggly when they emerged for their pick up to the screening, although at one point, Brad was overhead firmly telling one of his bodyguards “No. I said No” upon arriving for the premiere. Given that he was attacked by one of the Brangelunatics – see clip here https://www.tmz.com/2007/09/03/b/ - in Venice, word is his irritation was due to some security concerns which, to answer your emails, is probably one of the reasons why their children are carried everywhere and don’t have to walk.