Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard were shooting on location on Saturday. The film is called Allied. They play husband and wife spies. And then one founds out the other is a double agent. Which, again, is very similar to Mr & Mrs Smith but I’m not sure this is a comedic allegory about marriage.

Anyway, Brad and Marion are here working on a scene in which they run out of a building holding hands and escape in a car. I’m going to guess they’re at the opera. Because spy movies always involve the opera, somehow. Did these shots come out in time to make US tabloid deadlines? It’s Memorial Day long weekend coming up in America but if there may be a story here for them to start some sh-t. Because there’s a famous picture of Brange from the set of Mr & Mrs Smith, also holding hands, that could also be cited as a narrative parallel. 

Remember that?

STAR Magazine has been trying to make the Brad-Marion-Angelina triangle happen for a few weeks now and it hasn’t taken. Partly because I don’t think Marion is a name to Americans and partly because, well, maybe even amateur gossips don’t buy this one.