Nothing is more important to an actor, male or female. I’ve learned a lot about lighting since working in television. I’ve learned how much it means to people who appear on television. I’ve learned how much those who appear on television know about lighting. Oh you think they’re all superstarry and famous, sipping on champagne, oblivious to the technical sh-t and for the most part that’s true. But celebrities? Actors? Vain, narcissistic, and self-absorbed? Please. They’re all experts at lighting, they know the impact of bad lighting, they’re stupid if they don’t endear themselves to the lighting people.

This is Brad Pitt shooting Moneyball last night with Robin Wright. It looks nice, non? Soft on his face, good tone. Dylan, a good friend of mine who shoots for etalk, bought a new camera a few months ago and loved taking pictures in Cannes on the street at night under lamplight. He said it was super flattering. And they were. What? Brad Pitt doesn’t care about this? Oh he probably cares about it more than anyone else.

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