Page Six reports today that at the Lost City Of Z premiere last week in LA, Brad Pitt and Sienna were “serious(ly) flirting”. According to their source, the two were “heavily enjoying each other’s company” and “they were talking to each other all night” and that this has been a bit of a pick-up for Brad’s spirits and has helped him get “over a hump”.

So now everyone is thinking… Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller could be a thing?

For what it’s worth, she was seen in New York today. Which means if there was something sexy going down between the two last week in Hollywood, it certainly didn’t keep her there. Still… this is an old school gossip story with old school gossip reporting. My favourite. Two stars at a party, supposedly talking all night, and the possibility of more. Brad Pitt + Sienna Miller wouldn’t just be good for gossip, it would be GREAT for gossip.

Sienna is young enough to make Brad feel “young again”. That’s an upcoming Star Magazine headline. “Brad in love! Sienna makes him feel young again!” She’s also exactly his body type. If you’ve studied the Brad Pitt school of romance, you know he has a preference: lithe. And of course Sienna’s a bad girl. She’s got some edge. Brad Pitt likes to see himself with some edge. That’s what drew him to Angelina. And the fact that Sienna’s had a certain reputation also means there’s no overlap in any of his previous wife circles. Sienna doesn’t hang out with Angelina Jolie; she is definitely not welcome in the Hollywood Blonde Circle featuring Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, and company, given Rosetta Getty’s connection to that crowd. And the reason that would appear to Brad is because he also likes to think of himself of somewhat of an outsider.

As for his appeal for Sienna, well, Sienna Miller is drawn to drama. She’s been able to control that impulse for the most part. But maybe it’s only a matter of time.

Attached - Sienna at the LA premiere of The Lost City Of Z last week.