After a quick glam weekend to Venice and Deauville, the Family Pitt is back in NYC where Brad and George Clooney are reuniting onscreen for a new film called Burn After Reading. Last night, Bradfhooked up with Spike Lee and his son at the Yankee game, where he took Maddox for some father son bonding. So cute.

As you know, it’s currently Brad’s turn to sell a movie. The Assassination of Jesse James, while preferred by the studio to remain under the guise of a “traditional” western, is actually more of an art house film…or as Pitt describes in his new and rather candid interview with Details – a psychological study.

Brad also spoke with V Magazine and between the two articles, Brad dishes on fatherhood and his 40s and also…Jennifer Aniston.

Fierce at 40
When you turn 40, all of that pressure (to take on the blockbuster role) evaporates. And then you become a father and then … forget about it. It"s not an issue. I"m at a point where I feel like I understand what I"m doing. … As I"ve gotten older, I"ve realized the most important thing on a project is the people I"m working with. That"s what I remember most about the films I"ve done. Your face kind of goes. Your body"s not quite working the same. But you earned it. You earned that, things falling apart.

Saying Goodbye to Jennifer Aniston
I don"t know how better to have handled it. My view was, this is no one"s business in the end — at least in matters of the heart. So you need to protect all involved as much as possible. I don"t know if that cooled things off or exacerbated them, but it was a thing I felt justly about at the time. Again, the thing guiding me then was you don"t know how many days you have and you need life to be everything you want it to be. … Jen and I still maintain a deep friendship and have a lot of life together that isn"t erased in any way."

But if you want to dissect, and of course we all do, that comment about needing life to be everything you want it to be was rather telling. Jennifer Aniston wanted an Oscar (snort). Brad Pitt wanted children badly, only he didn’t go crying to Vanity Fair about it.

At Home in NOLA

We"ve made our American base there. We have a place in L.A., but it"s become impossible. There are too many paparazzi, too many people outside the gate, too much following, too much sticking cameras in kids" faces. I want to have some semblance of a real life. We have managed to find that in New Orleans. The people of New Orleans have been failed on the federal level, and the state level, and the local level.

In the Spotlight

It is the defining annoyance of my life. I just think how strange it is for my kids. Mad, Z, Pax — they really believe that every time you go outside there is a herd of people with cameras snapping flashes in your face (who) are going to kind of block your way when you"re trying to get somewhere.

Like… O-M-G.

Brad did not mention The Chosen One! Will the MiniVan Majority revolt? Will they accuse him of hating the biological one and favouring the others?

Shooting Jesse James in Alberta, Canada
I remember making it vividly. For one, Angie (partner Angelina Jolie) was pregnant. It was a very nice time for us. … So personally, it was a magical time.

And finally, thanks to Karen for sending this along – the Brangelunatics are apparently losing their sh-t over this: Brad’s new tattoo. You may recall the reports that while shooting in Chicago, Pitt and Jolie had a tattoo artist swing by for some new body ink. Angelina supposedly had Pax’s birthplace coordinates added to her shoulder while it appears that Brad added a little bit of Angelina to his stomach.

Close up is attached – and according to the rabid fans, the script apparently reads Angelina’s date of birth: 4 June 1974.