On Monday Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts co-hosted a private screening for Moonlight , produced by Plan B, Brad’s production company. It was the first time he’d been seen in public since the end of Brange. I wrote about this yesterday but here are a couple more photos of them together at the event. He looks pale, drawn, and that smile, we’ve been watching him smile for almost 30 years. The Brad Pitt smile style, in a posed photo, is often mysterious, sometimes cocky, cool too, and, on occasion almost reluctant. This smile, at least to me, is none of those things. This smile is borderline obsequious. I mean, he is showing us all his teeth. And there she is, our Julia, her arms enveloping him, the way she hugs when she’s playing either protector or crusader or advocate or presenter (as in the case of Denzel Washington), supporting him, sure, but also claiming him – as though she has his back but also like he’s under guardianship. After all, who would want to take on Julia Roberts?

As you now, the Allied premiere is tonight and Brad is expected to attend, his first red carpet since WWB. I’m curious to see if it’ll just be him, Marion Cotillard, and director Robert Zemeckis. Or whether or not he’ll have backup, if he’ll have some famous friends, some names, maybe even big names, come out in solidarity, cashing in on whatever favours he’s accumulated. Then again, does he really need it? Nah, Brad Pitt will be fine.