So it’s been bad for a while, well before my post in June. Brange have always maintained a sexy kind of tension between them. It was a passionate relationship. They fought, they made up. All these years my sources have never worried that that was a problem, because it was just the nature of their connection. But in June, it was different. “It’s never been this bad” was how they described it and that a separation was a real possibility, although they were nowhere near that decision at the time. At the time, Brange were still getting through it and working it out. But over the last year or so she has become more resistant to their former lifestyle and the players in her circle have changed. Arminka Helic is now one of her closest advisors. Two separate sources tell me that while Brad always got on with Angelina’s other friends, he isn’t as tight with Angelina’s current team as he’s been with her other circles.

Angelina was in Syria last week. Multiple sources tell me that before Brad left for Croatia, some major drama went down (nothing to do with cheating). Angelina’s allegedly been frustrated about some of Brad’s habits. The rumours about the drinking are consistent with what I’m hearing. The way one source put it, she “wanted him to get his sh-t together”. They say that when he left, however, even though the issue was far from resolved, he went away thinking that no definitive decision had been made about their marriage because there was still a lot of love there. Every source I’ve talked to today maintains that she was still in love with him but that for her, she doesn’t think he’s in a place where he can be “positive around the family”. All sources tell me that he was blindsided by her decision to file. And that the decision to file was made very recently. Like inside 10 days. When I pressed on what the urgency was, most of the sources declined to specify, with one source saying only that it was “very delicate, a really sensitive thing” and another explaining vaguely that she “would only have done it this way if it was a priority”. My response to that was, “Yeah but it’s not like she’s being quiet about it”. And the answer I got to that observation was that “she has her reasons”. More coming either later today or tomorrow depending on when I hear back.