While Sienna Miller and Bennett Miller were possibly going public with a new relationship, her two-time co-star Bradley Cooper was going public with some body language drama. This is the moment that’s making the rounds (thanks Whitney!):

That’s good, right? It’s OK. I’ll wait here while you watch it again. I had to too.

Prior to this, all last week at Wimbledon, Coop and Irina had been doing the sexy shoulder-bite, basically the opposite of what this 10 second video is showing us. And if you just look at still photos of the two at the match yesterday, you wouldn’t know that anything was off.

Oh but she is OFF.

You know how I know and how you know? Because we’ve all pulled the same goddamn move. We have all pouted in public somewhere with a lover, kept our shoulders squarely forward, our faces turned away, dramatically wiped away tears. I don’t want to talk about it right now, OK? And we’ve all been Bradley Cooper too. Trying to front like it’s all OK, hoping no one will notice, concealing the embarrassment/confusion with an asshole of a smile. Fine, whatever, don’t talk to me, I don’t f-cking know.

Well you should know! You should be able to read my mind!