Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse are in Berlin. They were photographed last night smiling at each other and not looking for a trash can to jump into. Unlike Coop’s friend Leonardo DiCaprio who immediately scans the block for a dumpster any time he’s with his girlfriend(s). A very interesting difference in approach. And we’ve talked about this before. But it’s still surprising to me. Because I really want to know what Leo thinks of it.

Is he like, dude, what the f-ck? Why aren’t you diving into a dumpster so that they can’t get those shots? Don’t you want to look like a goddamn idiot, diving into dumpster, in front of these photographers? Why would you just let them get their shot, with a smile, and get into your car and drive away, like no harm, no problem, and forget about it in 30 seconds?