Bradley Cooper’s West End run of The Elephant Man is done. So he doesn’t have to keep a close shave anymore. Here he is in LA with some scruff. Which is so much better for him. Because, well, we’ve talked about his face getting weird.

All kinds of rumours about Coop and Irina Shayk buying a home together in New York. Leo D just made a face. Bruh, if she moves in, getting rid of her will be almost impossible. Also he might be an Oscar factor this year. Will Irina be on the circuit?

Coop has actually been on my mind a lot today. Specifically his hair. He has good hair. Few men do hair as well as his. But Jacek, my husband? Jacek has Bradley Cooper hair. It’s sexy as f-ck. And…

I went out for dinner last night. When I got home, Jacek was wearing a toque. Then he rips it off and, Christ Jesus, he’d buzzed it. Bradley Cooper hair gone. I’m just saying I’m having a hard time with this. He says he’s not growing it back.