It’s been two days since we had our first look at Bradley Cooper’s perm and still it makes me so happy. Here are some new shots of Coop in costume, with the perm, working on the new David O Russell ABSCAM movie in Boston. Coop can totally pull off full 70s, non?

Some people, no matter how hard the wardrobe department works to make it happen, some people can only look right in their own era. Robert Pattinson, for example, looks perfect for now. As soon as he’s dressed for a different generation however -- like in all those Twilight flashbacks, or, because that’s a sh-tty example since they did a piss poor job with clothing and makeup in those movies, in Water For Elephants and that other movie he did with Uma Thurman -- you lose me right away. That may change when Pattinson ages. But right now, he is just so of his time.

Bradley Cooper on the other hand, who has 12 years on young Pattinson, seems very believable in the 70s. Almost too believable. Like I might actually believe he walks around in real life wearing gold chains.

How about Jennifer Lawrence? Are you feeling her in that decade?