I think I’ve mentioned a few times that I have a thing for Brandon Flowers? I say the same thing every time:

He’s SO beautiful. God he’s so beautiful. Look at him!

And when he sings…

Those first two Killers albums? Our car is so old is still works on a 6 disc CD player. And two of those spots are permanently occupied by the first two Killers albums. I listen to them from start to finish without skipping a track.

Anyway, Brandon Flowers is releasing a new album in May. He’s just started promoting it. His gigs in the UK are selling out in minutes. And earlier this week he played a show at home in Vegas. Rolling Stone has the full breakdown but, please, take some time to watch the video below of Brandon covering Robert Palmer’s Simply Irresistible. The quality is sh-t and yeah, I want a close-up too, and it still doesn’t f-cking matter. Don’t try to tell me you didn’t just get really, really warm.

Here’s Brandon at Sirius XM on Tuesday and at an Island Records event on Monday.