Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 10 recap

Last week I said this episode would be called The Box, but it's actually called Buried. But who on Breaking Bad has ever been a hole in the desert? People aren't buried, they are liquefied into nothing. Secrets can be buried though, although none of them very deep.

An old man finds Jesse's wad of cash, then walks around the neighbourhood picking them up like a participant in a scary Easter egg hunt. He then finds Jesse's abandoned car with the bag of cash, and Jesse, spinning on some playground equipment.

It's creepy and quiet - is this the beginning of the end of Jesse Pinkman?

Outside of Hank's, a kid races a toy car, much like the muscle car Walt used to speed around in. Hank and Walt act like two cowboys staring each other down at the O.K. Corral. But no shots fired.

Walt's first call is to not to Jesse or Saul but to Skyler - she's really become his partner. Hank got to Skyler first and she meets him at a diner and this is where Skyler will show her hand. Does she want out through witness protection or immunity? Will she claim this is all a misunderstanding? Will she actively try to warn and protect Walt?

Hank is no dummy and has imagined a scenario where Skyler knew some of what was happening. He gives her a safety net - his home - and Skyler's first question is about Marie.

He pulls out a microphone and asks for her statement, which makes me think that his instincts are more on point than even he knows. But he's seriously underestimated Skyler's involvement.

Hank is on one track - he is dismissing her request for a lawyer and giving her advice on how to handle the situation. Skyler sees his motivation for what it is - Hank is now focused on Walt and any other parts (including her and the kids) will be used to serve that purpose, even if Hank doesn’t realize it. Again, Skyler’s fate is in a man's hands (but at least Hank is not trying to commit tax fraud or cook meth).

She leaves in a dramatic scene, which felt much different than her "shut up" meltdown because this was put on for her benefit (to help her get out of the diner alone) rather than genuine stress and panic.

Saul's guys are now at the storage facility with all the money and take a "Scrooge McDuck" moment (best reference ever!). Saul makes the lawyer's case - and a damn good one - that Skyler hasn't actually SEEN anything, which is absolutely true. She doesn't even know what blue meth is. As long as they hide the money and Jesse, they are good.

Suddenly Walt has grown a conscience and clutches his pearls when Saul suggests he whack Hank. I think Heisenberg doth protest too much.

A white van filled with illegal sh-t - is this the only reason white vans exist? No one is using them to deliver hot meals to orphans.

Walt drives out to the desert and buried (there it is!) the money. It's reminiscent of the early days of cooking when they would take the RV out to the desert to cook. Only now Walt's alone.

Hank has told Marie. He is going full bore.

Skyler's reaction is demonstrative but not verbal - but Marie is more concerned with the timeline, knowing her sister and the details over the gambling story. And it comes back to Hank being shot - Marie is quicker than her husband and, because of their bond, tuned in to her sister's deceptiveness. Marie gives Skyler a really powerful bitch slap and tries to take Holly, who's ultimately left with Skyler.

But how long until Hank figures out Jesse's connection? It's a race to find Pinkman now.

Walt finishes burying the money, then memorizes the coordinates, buying a lotto ticket with the numbers. That almost seems like an omen of bad luck.

Also I think at this point we can conclude that Walt and Skyler are pretty neglectful parents. When do they take care of Holly? Kid is probably dying for a diaper change and a bottle. And how does a teenager not pick up on this chaos?

Skyler pleads her case - then downright pleads - with Walt, who collapses on the bathroom floor. Walt has what feels like a deathbed confession, asking her to keep the money for the kids, no matter what.

"Please don't let me have done all this for nothing," Walt says. For such a smart and perceptive man, Walt really doesn't grasp the full extent of his own motivation. Yes, it started for the money but it turned into a way for him to gain power - something his disappointing life so desperately lacked.

What I’ve always wondered about Walt's pre-Heisenberg life: why was he a high school chemistry teacher? Just because he left Grey Matter doesn't mean his career should have nosedived so dramatically. He could have been a university professor or researcher or inventor or even a happy high school teacher. In many important ways, Walt was a success as a father and husband, but he acted like a failure. Did mild-mannered, pre-Heisenberg Walt always measure his success by his power or lack thereof?

And now, on his faux deathbed, Walt seems defeated and Skyler is more pragmatic, noting that there's a lack of hard evidence. Skyler's full transition into Walt's partner - someone who will not only tolerate his criminal activity but also participate in it -- is complete. Ted has been Skyler's only collateral damage but now she's lost her sister and declared war on her, too. She's sacrificed Marie and Hank for not just her husband, but for Heisenberg.

Marie advises Hank on telling his staff, but he is prideful, embarrassed and reluctant to end his career until he’s sure they have enough to nail Walt. Hank and Marie, the loudmouth in-laws you roll your eyes at, are now a very big thorn in Heisenberg’s side. But that’s not to say they have power; Hank feels paranoid and cornered as he sits in dark office.

Time has always been looming over Walt and now it's Hank's enemy, too. Hank and Marie want justice and Walt and Skyler want (particularly in Walt's case) to get away with murder.

Stupid Lydia is in a junkyard to negotiate with Declan (from last season’s methylamine deal). She critiques the lab and after being told to shut it, she activates a plan and some serious gunfire above. So I'm supposed to believe this twitchy weirdo organized a mass murder? Ugh Lydia, Mike should have done you in when he had the chance.

And here's Todd the earnest sociopath calling Lydia ma'am and helping her get past the dead bodies because she doesn't want to see them. She's the worst.  Of course she wears Loubs to a drug hit.

There’s a desert junkyard and a hit, the game is the same even if the players change. Walt’s empire is going on without him – but how long can it continue before the CEO steps in?

Jesse was picked up for his money tossing and seems almost catatonic. He won't stay that way for long - Hank hears about it and makes his way to the police station. In an earlier season, Badger was ready to give up Heisenberg but was saved by Saul – I don’t know if there’s such an easy to solution to carrying millions of dollars in your car.

The last time these two saw one other, Hank beat the sh-t out of Jesse. Now Hank needs him - but what does Jesse need? And who?