Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 13 recap.

The purity issue is still in play, as the show opens with Lydia, Todd and the uncles and debating the colour of Todd’s meth. Is it blue? Blue green? Aquamarine?

Terrible Lydia is clearly having a prolonged nervous breakdown, so Todd brings her tea and lends a sociopathic ear.

Todd explains that the meth was cooked too long and the colour burnt out of it, so Lydia puts on her best managerial tone to review his performance, explaining that the customer expects more from them. Then Todd does this weird reach out for her - is he making a move? Or trying to intimidate her? There is smooth 80s adult contemporary playing in the background – I think that’s Sammy Hagar.

Creepy Todd creepily runs his finger near her lipstick line around her cup, and then drinks out of it. Um, and Todd’s cell phone ring-tone is You Blinded Me with Science.  Todd is an 80s aficionado? Or failed science nerd?

It’s confirmed: Walt has called Todd to get rid of Jesse.

Hank and Gomez meet in private and Jesse says the money must be found – it’s the only evidence Walt wouldn’t destroy.

Saul’s bodyguard Huell has been brought in for questioning since he was one of the last few people who saw the money. To get him to talk, Hank and Gomez come up with a very convincing story that Walt is clearing house. Huell gives as much detail as he can – it’s clear that the money was buried, a van was used and there were barrels.

Walt goes to meet the Aryan uncle and explains that he needs Jesse taken care of and Walt seems disgusted with himself, disgusted with how lowbrow the situation has become. Todd smirks while Walt defends Jesse’s honour , but Walt wants to make sure it’s quick, painless, and done without fear. Walt’s been led to a trap though – the uncle doesn’t want money, he wants the purity and a nice blue hue. So now they will provide a service Walt needs under only one condition: a cook. Terms are agreed on, but now Walt has to smoke him out.

So now Walt and Jesse are playing a game of hide-and-seek, but if Walt’s weakness is money, Jesse’s is people.

Oh no, Brock and Andrea. An ominous knock at the door and it’s Mr. White. Brock is again weary of Walt – I don’t know if that is recognition or just sixth sense.

Walt convinces Andrea that Jesse is using and has her call him – she leaves a message and though Walt hasn’t touched them, Jesse will hear that message and think Andrea and Brock are in danger. Genius if rudimentary.

Outside, the uncle and his friend wait for Jesse to show up. Hank has Jesse’s phone and listens to the message, dismissing it as a ploy, and rightfully so. But he has no idea how freaked Jesse would be by that message.

Gomez is kind of being a negative Nancy about the whole finding-the-money plan.

Finn is working at the car wash (funny how his mom calls him Finn, just like Marie). Skyler and Walt are very displeased when Saul shows up and they argue over Huell and finding Jesse. Saul tells Walt, “the kid is not as dumb as you think.” Wise words that Walt won’t listen to.

Jesse sends Walt a photo of a barrel of money and tells him he was led there by a (non-existent) GPS in the van. Jesse won’t let him off the call and convinces Walt he is burning 10K a minute. This is the most freaked out I have ever seen Walt – he races to the burial spot in utter panic.

Walt screams out his sins – killing Emilio and Crazy 8 and the gang bangers, how he manipulated Jesse into killing Gus by poisoning Brock, but justifies it all has been done to benefit both of them. Walt arrives at the money spot and there is no one there. Walt realizes he’s been had, but the damage is done. This is as close it’s ever seemed to the end for Walt. He goes to higher ground to see if anyone is coming for him, but has a coughing attack. Whether it’s cops or cancer, it’s clear Walt’s time is running out. Fast.

Walt calls in the Aryan Nation and reads out the coordinates for his spot, convinced that Jesse is in the desert watching him. Hank and Gomez arrive and Walt cancels his back up. It’s now Gomez, Hank and Jesse in the desert. Walt has a gun with just a few bullets. Escape is unlikely. Now what?

Hank calls for Walt, who calmly walks into plain sight and drops his weapon. He raises his hand, like he did when he had his fake grocery store mental breakdown, and walks slowly towards Hank.

Hank takes precautions to make sure Walt can’t surprise him, and has him put his hands behind his head and on his knees. Jesse is so relieved and remembers that this is the very first place that they cooked. Walt is not talking, and Hank is really savouring every second of his victory.

Hank reads Walt his Miranda rights, but what is wrong. Something is so wrong.  Walt calls Jesse a coward and Jesse spits in his face They have a little tussle and then Gomez and Jesse stay behind, while Hank prepares to take Walt back, but quickly calls Marie first. Move this along Hank! When you have a mass murderer in the desert with limited support, you don’t lollygag on the phone with your wife. Oh my god the Aryans, the f-cking Aryans!!!

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Jesse where are you going? Walt is desperately trying to warn Hank, but it’s too far gone. No one can walk away from this. Gomez is shot and they are no match for the Aryans, both in numbers and weapons.

But where is Jesse? I don’t want him to die like this. I don’t want him to die at all, but this would be particularly unjust and brutal.

I don’t see Hank and Gomez making it out alive – and now they own Walt. At least Gus was a gentleman – these Aryans are savages. Only 3 episode left and we still don’t know who Walt comes back for, but it’s looking more and more likely that Todd and his crew have a hand in why Walt left – and why he comes back.