Check out Brie Larson at the premiere of Room in LA last night. The film opens in limited release this weekend and then everywhere else the first weekend of November. Room has a shot at a Best Picture nomination. It won the People’s Choice Award at TIFF. And right now, Brie Larson looks like she’ll be one of the five names called out to contend for Best Actress Oscar. If the Oscars were this weekend, it would be a tight race between her and Cate Blanchett in Carol with Jennifer Lawrence in Joy (which no one has seen yet) behind them.

So, as Joanna noted last week (click here if you missed it), pay attention to Brie. Her performance in Room is so good it’s unreal. And the film itself is going to be irresistible to Academy voters. She’s giving me some serious Eddie Redmayne flashbacks so far this season. You’ll recall, Eddie showed up for everything last year. Eddie worked. Eddie travelled. He was at every screening, every Q&A, every opportunity. His charm never, ever waned. And, at the same time, it didn’t seem desperate. Like, yeah, it was obvious he wanted it, but not in a way that was off-putting, Benedict Cumberbatch. I feel like Brie might play it the same way.