Britney Spears is all hand holdy and smiley with her new boyfriend David Lucado now. You know, the dude with the vague job description who works at a law firm? They were in Vegas together with her manager Larry Rudolph this weekend. Britney looks happy and even healthy. Of course. She is in love.

And what great timing.

For months now they say her team has been negotiating a permanent residency in Vegas. It’s a steady job. It would require discipline and commitment. They are going to WORK her. Just like they did up until a few years ago when she fell apart. They’ve been working her since she was, what?, 13?

How do you work Britney now?

Well, for starters, you monitor the dosages. And then you give her something to be happy about. Nothing makes Britney happier than love. They learned the hard way with Kevin Federline. Britney was on tour when she met KFed, lost motivation, and they lost control.

So...if you control her love life, can you control her motivation?

That’s the cynical way of looking at it, sure.

But when her last boyfriend was her legal guardian, how can you look at it any differently?