A couple of days ago, Iggy Azalea was asked on Twitter about Pretty Girls, her collaboration with Britney Spears, and why the song didn’t do very well:

I’ll tell you why Pretty Girls didn’t perform. Because the song is SH-T.

Iggy went on to explain some more:

So, as you can imagine, a lot of Britney fans started riding her for blaming Britney. She claimed though, in subsequent tweets, including this one, that she wasn’t trying to put it all on Brit:

Um. “I’m just featured…”

When you make a point of pointing out that you’re just “featured” and that you’re not the main event, you’re basically pointing to the failure of the main event. You’re crouching behind the main event, letting the main event absorb all the blows.

But, you know, she’s not wrong.

When is Britney Spears ever not the main event in an equation that involves Iggy Azalea? I've written many times before, and I’ll do it again now: Iggy Azalea? I’m not a believer. I wasn’t a believer when everyone was losing their minds over Fancy last summer (I HATE THAT SONG) and I gloated about not being a believer when she started going the way of Robin Thicke not too long afterwards – as in, one minute super popular, the next minute you’re a joke.

And to go back to being “featured”, like that’s an exception for her…

Think of all the Iggy Azalea songs you know. Is she solo on any of them? Or is she always supporting or being supported by people who MAKE THE SONG? Iggy Azalea hasn’t shown you that she can fly on her own. That’s why she can’t tour.

As for Britney? Well, she tweeted this:

People are reading that like she just waved Iggy off. Told her to Sit DOWN. If we’re honest with ourselves, we know that someone wrote that for her. What I want to believe is that she approved it. Do you think she approved it?