Britney Spears and her boyfriend, Charlie Ebersol, stepped out hand-in-hand yesterday for her son’s soccer game. They started dating in the fall. So we’re about 6 months in now. And she seems as happy, healthy, and relaxed as we’ve ever seen her since having kids.

Charlie hasn’t behaved like a super famewhore. He has his own connections. They may not be her connections, but they’re not insubstantial. And it appears that he gets on very well with her children, her family. Team Spears management is extremely supportive of the relationship, especially since Britney’s Vegas residency continues to be so successful. So long as the personal parts of her life don’t detract from the money-making parts of her life, everyone’s all good.

Marriage then?

She was close to it with Jason Trawick until she gave back the engagement ring. And she had her in-between boyfriend with that sketchy David Lucado after that. Always better to have an in-between before what she might say is “The One”. Charlie certainly has hinted at it. He told PEOPLE last month that:

“We were getting pulled in a thousand different directions (on New Year’s Eve), and my favorite thing in the world – besides her – is hot chocolate. She just said, 'Let's just get hot chocolate and hang out.' That was a perfect night for me. If that's the rest of my life, then A) I will have emulated my parents, and B) I will be a very happy man."

And here’s how he described what he finds attractive about her: 

"Honestly, the way that she treats people does make you look in the mirror and question how much you're really giving to other people. Because she is a person who leads with her heart and treats people around her – who she knows and who she doesn't know – better than you or I. So it drives me every morning to want to get up and be better … It motivates me."

So…engagement before the end of the year?


Cheese! Lol

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