Brooklyn Beckham was rumoured to have been dating Chloe Grace Moretz last year. Just rumours. She had a boyfriend at the time. Click here for a refresher. Chloe is a couple of years older than Brooklyn. It was a little brother situation. He probably had a crush.

Now though, it would appear that Brooklyn has a girlfriend proper. Her name is Sonia Ben Ammar. They were hanging out in LA all weekend. Here they are leaving a concert together the other night. (Also…does he have his own bodyguard?) Check out these shots of Sonia caressing (I hate this word) his face – click here to see). You see his expression? I know that expression. We all do. It’s teen love. And she has great shoes.

While we might all have experienced teen love, and remember it very well, teen life these days, well, it’s a secret, just as it’s always been. I’m obsessed with this. Duana and I spend hours texting each other back and forth about the mysteries of the teen. For instance, did you know that teens are currently obsessed with Suits (the tv show) and Grey’s Anatomy seasons 1-4? At least you’ve heard of Suits and Grey’s Anatomy. There’s all kinds of other sh-t that you have no idea about. And by the time you figure it out, it won’t matter to teens anymore because they’ll be on to the next. I wrote about teens in my latest column for FLARE. Their secret language. Their secret conversations. Like if you use the word “selfie”? You’re an old person.

Click here to read my article. And yes, Brooklyn Beckham is on