I watched the new red-band trailer for Why Him? starring Bryan Cranston and James Franco the other day. It’s the first footage I’ve seen of the movie ever. Why Him? opens at Christmas, when you might need to get out of the house, away from your family, and laugh at other people’s families so you can go back to your own and resist the urge to punch your uncle.

So I guess this is Father Of The Bride and Meet The Parents. Bryan Cranston’s daughter, Zoey Deutch (when can we talk about the fact that her mom is Lea Thompson, Some Kind Of Wonderful!), is dating Laird, an internet billionaire played by James Franco. His name is LAIRD. So, obviously, he’s a f-cking asshole. (I’m sorry if you named your kid Laird. At least it’s not Brock? Sorry, I think I might be making this worse.) Bryan and Laird hate each other and spend the rest of the movie trying to f-ck each other up. And all the funny bits and good parts in the movie are probably here in the trailer. Still, I’m kinda into it?

It’s mostly Bryan Cranston. As Sarah said to me when I texted her about this, sometimes we forget that he was known for comedy before Breaking Bad. Or, I should say, I sometimes forget. Bryan Cranston is really, really funny. And he’s also a f-cking boss. Which means that James Franco isn’t f-cking around here. James Franco is the one who shows up, and not the Artist, James Franco. And this makes a difference. Because when he’s not being the Artist, James Franco, a dick, James Franco can be funny too. I like what I’m seeing/projecting here – that James is bringing it scene for scene with Bryan, to impress him, to challenge him, to not piss him off and waste his time. Their chemistry is terrific.