Like it was with Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips were underneath our etalk balcony position for a good amount of time last night ...fascinating. Danielle Graham and I could not get enough of the dynamic.

Our balcony is right above the final photo wall before everyone goes into the Dolby. At a certain part of the night there's also a logjam here for pictures. Some celebrities don't want to wait and pull rank with their publicists to bypass the queue and get in ahead of people who've been waiting longer (Ryan Gosling) and others don't mind hanging out, catching up with friends.

Michelle and Busy were lining up to be photographed right in front of Seth Rogen. Busy was talking to Seth, making comments to him now and again. She was also engaging with other people around her. Michelle had her back to Seth. And, for the most part, kept it there. She turned around once, briefly, but everything about that scene, her expression, her body language, was like she had no interest in engaging. Which would have been fine...only Busy kept talking to Seth. And, like I said, to all the other people who were close by. While Michelle kept to herself, saying nothing, not really participating.

So what it felt like to us was that Busy isn't just the plus one, the best date, she's also Michelle's social lubricant. And in that sense she would almost be as important as Michelle is. She would be the one to ground Michelle in the very exclusive room to which Michelle belongs. Busy may not have been invited herself, but I'm not sure Michelle could stay in there without her.