Great smut but not the best move for Cameron Diaz. At the Golden Globes last January, Pip and Cam had just announced their break up. Both were scheduled to present at the event. And of course Jessica Biel somehow weaseled her way in too. Objective: to snare a Pipsqueak within the tight grip of her Shelf Ass. 

Mission successful. 

Pip bit. And Cam saw. And instead of playing it chill, Cam lost her sh*t, tearing a strip of the Shelf before launching into a 45 minute tirade in JT’s face at an afterparty. At one point she was overhead shouting: so what…she’s like your f&cking girlfriend now???

Embarrassingly enough, Cam kept going until Drew Barrymore pulled her away. And to add insult to injury, Cam’s white dress fell flat…

Not exactly her proudest moment. Especially when Us Weekly and every other gossip rag gets hold of it and the story becomes public knowledge. Do you love it? 

Thanks to Chelly P for the suggestion!

But seriously… J Biel’s dress for the Globes – does it get any cheaper? Can she be more out of her league??? 

Photos attached of all 3 at the Globes. 

Photos from Splash