The Canadian Screen Awards...and Jay Baruchel

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Thank you for your emails requesting coverage of the Canadian Screen Awards. They happened in Toronto last night and etalk will be all over it tonight -- 7pm on CTV. The reason I haven’t posted about the event until now is because I’ve been waiting for more photos to become available. Unfortunately, the best images from the show are priced way out of my range which... is making me crazy because, well, why are you making it MORE difficult for us to promote Canadian arts and culture? For example, I would love to include more shots of Sandra Oh in a great black dress with sparkly red bands across the chest but, sh-t, it turns out I can only pay for one.

Anyway, these were the first ever Canadian Screen Awards, replacing both the Genies and the Geminis, like the Golden Globes. On the television side, Flashpoint and Less Than Kind were the big winners. In film, War Witch, fresh off its Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film, an award that eventually went to Amour. I spoke with director Kim Nguyen at the Canadian Nominees’ Luncheon in LA the Thursday before the Oscars and he had a great attitude about the honour, knowing that Amour was heavily favoured. For him, the nomination really was the victory, especially in that it brought exposure to the story, loosely based on a child soldier who was forced to kill her own parents after being kidnapped by a warlord.

Here’s a selection of celebrity attendees at the show including Kim Coates, Meg Tilly, Stephen Amell, and... a sad-faced Jay Baruchel...? Or am I imagining it?

Christine wrote to me this morning asking if Jay and Alison Pill had broken up and I was like...


Then I found this post on ONTD that I missed during f-cking award season from two weeks ago and he’s all angsty about being dumped....


I promptly emailed Duana and she was all...

But Alison was just sending him nude shots on Twitter?!? Well, that was in September.

And now she’s not on Twitter anymore and he doesn’t talk about her anymore on Twitter and since every piece of evidence about this presumed breakup happened on Twitter, maybe it’s not true and they’re still engaged and they’ll be married soon...?

Also attached -- Alison at Paleyfest with The Newsroom yesterday.

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