Three of them anyway were on the carpet last night at the UK premiere of Never Let Me Go, all of them with major careers straddling big budget features and small arty projects, two of them just 25, one just 27, two Oscar nominees, and one a strong potential nominee (The Social Network) if you believe the hype so, yeah, it was a fitting way to open the London Film Festival, non?

Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley, and Andrew Garfield lit it up last night for a home audience. Love, love, love both dresses but goddamn, Knightley’s Chanel is exquisite. I would wear Carey’s, I would sit and stare at Keira’s. Look at the beading. Look at the back. It’s unaffordable.

Have you seen Never Let Me Go? Was primarily well received, it’s a very good film, and while it may not live up the award expectations set for it at the beginning, it’s worthy of your time – for the story, yes, and definitely for the acting. These three are really so so SO good.

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