Well now it’s getting interesting…

Last week Carey Mulligan was spotted holding hands with Eddie Redmayne – click here for a refresher. Then she attended the off-Broadway opening of Three Sisters starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard. Jake Gyllenhaal was there to support his sister. People saw Carey and Jakey talking. Whatever. It was just a conversation. They left separately.

But on Saturday night, BOTH were in Nashville at a house party on Granny White Pike where several bands performed, including Mumford & Sons. Eddie Redmayne wasn’t spotted. Before hitting up the party though, Carey and Jake were with Mumford & Sons having dinner at City House, a local restaurant. Two videos are attached below establishing that they were both at the party. And that’s about it. A lot people saw them, but no one saw them looking couple-y or, like, grinding up on each other or anything.

Jake was also spotted after the party at a bar called 12 & Porter. Not sure if Carey was there will him. And he also hit up a gas station at some point and there was a girl in the car with him but it’s not slamdunk that it was Carey.

But the point is…

They were in New York. And then they were in Nashville. Together.

Just friends on a trip, following the music? Or more? (Thanks Nicky!)

Remember – they’ve known each other a while. Attached – Carey and Jake at the Palm Springs Film Festival in January.

Photos from John Shearer/Gettyimages.com