Carey Mulligan has forgiven Shia LaBeouf after his wanky behaviour at that party. And he looks very, very happy about it.

F-ck they are cute. So cute. I love them. I love HER.

Here they are walking to set today in New York for Wall Street 2. As you can see, Shia with Carey is now well girded, as opposed to the days when he was in the sh-thouse and couldn’t be bothered to rein in his boys.

As for those of you who’ve written today to nominate Shia for the Sexiest Man Alive – there’s no reason for him this year. Transformers is over. His next release is months away. Giving it to him now would be a waste. Also, in most minds Shia’s still a boy. He has a ways to go before he’d be considered man enough for the SMA.

Photos from PPNY/GSNY/