He was the breakout star at the Emmy Awards…

Cary Fukunaga won Best Direction for True Detective and the whole world was like, um, helloooo, I want that. Remember?

Today, Page Six told me that he’s talking about a new film in Man Of The World magazine. So then I had to go to Man Of The World Magazine and see if there was a photo.

Turns out he’s one of three covers, sharing with Prince Harry but even hotter than Prince Harry.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, even non-Americans.

Fukugana has just finished a new film called Beasts Of No Nation “based on Uzodinma Iweala’s novel about a child who’s recruited by guerrilla soldiers to fight in West Africa, and Fukunaga cast real former militia members while shooting in Ghana”.

The star?

Idris Elba.

Cary + Idris? At the same time? Are you trying to kill me?