I texted Lainey the other night after seeing Casey Affleck’s new movie, Triple 9, that I think he might have A Moment coming. She agreed, but then he went on Late Night with Stephen Colbert to promote the movie and had an awkward interview, and she was like, maybe that moment won’t come after all. Check out the interview here:

Yes, I’m sure this made-for-viral-sensationalism moment between a late-night host under pressure to deliver viral content, and an actor who is a known troll is totally spontaneous and not at all coordinated. Casey Affleck is a TROLL—he was the director of Joaquin Phoenix’s “documentary” about celebrity, I’m Still Here. C-Aff was Phoenix’s partner in crime in that…whatever the f*ck that was.

And for that “documentary”, his asshole buddy had an asshole meltdown on a late night talk show that took place in the same studio Colbert now occupies. But sure, Catfleck having his own asshole moment—really, this is too mild to qualify as a meltdown—on the exact same stage is entirely coincidental. We’re totally not supposed to remember that other, super famous late night stunt and the littlest Affleck’s part in it.

PS: This is similar to something Timothy Olyphant pulled on Conan a while back, right down to the “you look good” rejoinder from the guest. Not saying this is a case of joke thievery, so much as calling bullsh*t on this wholly inorganic, staged “fight”.

Attached - Casey at AOL Build Speaker Series with Anthony Mackie yesterday to promote Triple 9.