It’s been widely speculated that Jennifer Lopez is returning to American Idol even though FOX has yet to officially confirm the news. Networks normally like to do this on their own terms, maximising the coverage. Sure. But that only works if the star isn’t dating a famewhore backup dancer.

During an interview with E! News, JLO’s Slum Bear Casper Smart was asked about her Idol situation and whether or not she was coming back. His answer:


Supposedly he didn’t know that it wasn’t public yet. Whatever. Note too that Slum Bear was actually there because for some reason someone decided to give him a TV show. It is not important what this TV show is. Because you don’t care and you won’t watch. All you need to know is that the only reason they pretended to want to talk to him about it is because they wanted to talk to him about his girlfriend. And, well, he delivered. And now FOX’s announcement, when they eventually get around to it, is going to be a bust. An entire Communications Department was probably working for days on the release and Slum Bear just sh-t all over their efforts.

Ultimately that’s on her. She wants to love a Slum Bear and give him all kinds of jobs, that’s on her. You’ll note it doesn’t work that way with Madonna. Madonna’s backup dancer, Brahim, doesn’t speak for her. Does he speak at all? JLO’s the one who’s dumb enough to make her backup dancer her Head Choreographer and now, apparently, the last word on JLO Inc. How much of that American Idol money will he be seeing?