The Avengers: Age Of Ultron press junket was this weekend. Which is why Robert Downey Jr was so active on Twitter. He posted some great pictures and a couple of sassy videos, and you can see them all here, but this is the one Sarah’s trained me for.

Civil War?

She’s been hinting at some kind of Avengers fracture. OMG are Tony Stark and Captain America mad at each other?



After spending all of Saturday together, the Avengers were all present in group formation again last night at MTV to present RDJ with the Generation Award and introduce a new clip from the movie in which Hulk and Iron Man beat the sh-t out of each other because Scarlet Witch has, evidently, taken over Hulk’s feelings.

When they’re on stage though, it really is like the coolest club ever. And they know it. There’s an extra swagger about the way they walk out together. They look at each other like there’s always a password. They do that thing where they whisper at each other at opportune moments, when they know they’re being watched, just to make you wonder that much more what it is they’re saying to each other. This is what they’re trying to create with the Soho Houses and Gwyneth’s exclusive little Arts Clubs. Can you promise me that when I get inside, membership looks like the Avengers? Because if that’s the case, fine, I’ll pay you what you want. But we all already know that the Avengers only assemble once every three years for a billion dollars. No one else is getting into that clubhouse.

And that’s also why Scarlett Johansson can be so smug. She’s the only girl.

Can we talk about 50 year old RDJ? Is it the vitamins he carries around in his lunchbox? Does he have a superior facialist? Can he share with Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney?

Tonight the Avengers will reconvene at the Hollywood premiere.