Besides Bradley Cooper’s hair, my favourite part of The Hangover 3 comes at the end, when Todd Phillips montages together all the shots of the guys slow motion walking from the entire franchise. Can’t remember what song he cut it to but it looks good. They slow motion walk down the hotel corridor in the first movie. They slow motion walk down a street in Bangkok. They slow motion walk a lot.

Slow motion walking is hot when it’s done right. Embarrassing Confession: I have always, always wanted to slow motion walk with a group of friends on camera. Or, rather, walk at regular pace but have it slowed down to slow motion in post. The problem is I haven’t decided on the soundtrack. Sometimes I want it to be New Order. Sometimes I think it could be the song from Drive, but is that corny? Should there be a wind machine?

Here’s the cast of The Hangover for the premiere in Paris yesterday.