Did I get that right?

Pretty sure there’s no Thanksgiving in Spain but we can still give thanks for Iker Casillas, seen at an appliance launch today. Something’s off with him here. Maybe he needs a tan. Or it’s that old man jacket. I can’t say this is my favourite look. Then again, I always prefer him with Sara Carbonero anyway.

It’s been MONTHS since I’ve had access to photos of them together. In fact, now that I’m combing through the agency, it actually looks like I’ve missed MONTHS of photos of them together including a holiday in Brazil! I’m sorry I suck.

But it’s all good. They’re ok!

Here they are two weeks ago at the airport in Madrid. Does she look gaunt to you? What’s wrong, mi amor? Quick, let me check with the girls over at Kickette. They’d know if something was up with Iker and with Sara and with Iker and Sara together…which… nothing alarming. In fact, the last time they posted about Iker it was a video of him getting emotional during a tribute set to Radiohead, SOOOO cute. I really love it when he happy-cries. You’ve seen him happy-crying. We have ALL seem him happy-crying. Let me remind you.