Did you see RED? I liked RED! Am I dumb? Was I blinded by the Mary Louise Parker? I am partial to Mary Louise Parker. They're making a sequel now and she's in it, though not pictured. Rather, here's Bruce Willis with Catherine Zeta-Jones on the set of RED 2 today. That's a harsh fringe. But I do like the idea of these two together in a movie, if only because I'm curious what their chemistry might be. Have we ever talked about CZJ's chemistry with her male co-stars? I wasn't feeling it with Tom Hanks. Or George Clooney. Or Brad Pitt. Or Aaron Eckhart (God The Restaurant was terrible). This is not an allusion to anything deeper, simply an observation about her movie presence. She's great to watch and certainly a wonderful performer. But for some reason I don't buy her as a romantic half. You?