Here are pictures of Cecily Strong in Capitol File magazine, in advance of her hosting the White House Correspondent’s dinner next month. She looks great and talks about how she’s most looking forward to meeting the Obamas, which sounds normal and exciting and good for her. 

But it seems like Cold Comfort Farm, a little bit. I was travelling the last couple of weeks and only got to see the SNL40 show last night. It was well worth the wait until I got to the Weekend Update celebration. You know, the one that celebrated the entire history of Weekend Update, and was notably anchored by the women anchors. You know that one?  

The one that left Cecily Strong out of the montage of every anchor who hosted update?

I am two weeks behind, I get it. But it doesn’t make it any less bullsh*t. She hosted for a year. She did a good job in my opinion – I enjoyed seeing her there every week. But even if she didn’t, they ignored the fact that she was an Update host…while she was in the building. One article I read said that there were two other hosts who were briefly Update hosts left out of the montage. But um, neither of them was standing by waiting to go onstage in a second while three other women – all giants of comedy – talked about how Update gave them a unique and badass perspective.

If Strong isn’t appreciated at SNL, she won’t be the first or even the 10th person who wasn’t a star there, but who takes that fuel to go build a career. It’s not the only path to being a successful comedian.  

It just sucks to be ignored in plain sight, and I’m not over it yet on her behalf.  Click here to read the Capitol File article on Cecily Strong.