Choupette lives better than all of us. But I’m not sure how useful cat travel trips (on a private plane!) are. I guess that’s not the point. The point is to point out our peasant-ness.

Alex Pettyfer took his girlfriend to Hogwarts.

Is this Anne Hathaway’s son? I completely forgot she had a kid, but those are his initials. I’m quite sure I’ve never seen a picture of him anywhere.

Oh Lord I hope they aren’t discussing a new Entourage movie. (Doug Elin is responsible for writing and directing it. Name and shame.)


Great night

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Season 3 of UnREAL. Should I even get my hopes up? We’ve talked about this – season 2 was terrible. My only hope is that they completely abandon all of those storylines and act like that whole season didn’t happen.


TEAM 📽 #directing #unrealtv

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The Joe Bros do dinner in London.


Brothers Take London

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I absolutely love this dress on Kate Bosworth. Better than what she wore to the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

How Lorde’s friends appreciate her work. Do you think Taylor sends her drunk Snapchats? I bet Ed Sheeran does.